The Intensity Fitness Centre is a specialist in bodyweight training. After training in Parkour, Free running and martial arts for over fifteen years, bodyweight has become a valuable source of fitness training and knowledge for improving the body. Parkour is now referred to as the master sport of bodyweight techniques and natural movement rivalling that of the traditional gymnastic discipline.  Using exercises that contain every possible combination of movements and body mechanics to strengthen the body evenly, but at the same time create a body with the full range of motion and flexibility it needs in every joint to not only have strength but use it in a functional manner.

Our bodyweight sessions include exercises that develop all types of muscle fibre in the body. Enhancing strength through difficult and unexplored movements such as bear crawls, muscle ups, stand ups and kick through's that are repeated in low volumes. Endurance muscle fibres developed by medium difficulty exercises such as squats, press ups, sit ups at high volumes of repetitions, and high endurance muscle fibres by incorporating sprints and running circuits into the sessions. 
Using these methods we also combine the use of the various types of strength training such as isometric exercises where positions are held for long periods of time, standard isotonic exercises where a movement is performed at different rates of speed, and finally plyometric exercises which again is a speciality of or centre. This is a method of using a series of jumps and counter explosive force movements to create elastic strength in the muscles and the ability to perform extremely powerful bursts of movements over and over again.

Bodyweight sessions are a great way to add variety to your training as it is easy to settle with simple bodyweight exercises such as the squat or press up without trying new natural actions. By performing new actions different aspects of the major muscles will become worked as they will have to find new combinations with other muscles to perform the exercises, this will over time built up a higher rate of neuromuscular activity in the body and build up healthy joints and flexibility which will stop you from becoming injured in later life. It is also a very important factor to be able to move your own body in any way it needs to in order to make daily life a lot less physically challenging.

By learning bodyweight exercises you will be able to perform sessions absolutely anywhere without any equipment. Imagine being able to stay fit while you work away, don't have time to go to the gym or even on holiday. All you need is your own body and a small amount of space to work in. you can even add these exercises to weighted ones to make them even more exciting. The possibilities are endless.

Come along to our bodyweight classes or book a course now and show your body that it is just as much a piece of exercises equipment as any other apparatus in the gym, only this one is with you where ever you go and for the rest of your life.
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