Complete Fitness Testing

Our Intensity Fitness testing is one of a kind. It is one of the first complete physical tests that allows for person to person comparability. This means that even though an individual is of different body weights and natural abilities, we can now give an accurate scale of fitness that can show you both where your weakest and strongest areas of fitness are, but also how you relate to others that you are training with. Using a variety of up to date calculations the tests have three major components.

Strength and Power.

In this section your maximal strength will be tested by performing and calculating your “one rep max” lifts in each of the major planes of movement. This will allow us to see just how strong every muscle group is in every direction the body can naturally exert physical force. These lifts include, Back Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Bent over Rows and High Pulls. Once these numbers have been found a set of calculations will give us information that tells us of which angles of lifting you need to work on to make a balanced body. We will also learn how much overall power your body can generate compared to your own bodyweight. The higher your output to your body weight the stronger you are.

Stamina and Endurance.

In this section we measure the efficiency of your respiratory system and how well your lungs and heart can pump oxygen through the body. Through a series of tests called the “VO2 MAX” test, we will be able to see how well your cardio system handles under strain of prolonged exercises. We will also learn how quickly you recover after exercises as well. Through this we can see if this is a week or strong area and can compare this to others that are also training for the same goals you are.

Acceleration and Speed.

In the final section of the test we will measure the maximum velocity of your body. Using a sprinting test we will be able to find out how much power you can apply through your body to attain a maximal velocity. This will show us how efficient you are at putting the previous two aspects together in a practical use. If you can use the strength you have in conjunction with the high rate of stamina then you will be able to achieve a high rate of acceleration and speed. If one of these aspects is less efficient than the other or that they can not work together then a slower rate of speed will be produced.

After all the tests have been completed we will have a very detailed view of your physical ability and see exactly where you need to improve and which areas can be relaxed. This test is a perfect way for groups to measure themselves against each other and maintain a consistent training level in a group or team situation such as football and rugby clubs. It is also a great way for the individual to see where their own level of fitness lies and can be used to monitor personal progression and targets accurately.
This Service can be done in groups or a one to one basis upon request. There will also be regular club testing sessions for those who would like to take part please ask to book a place on the next session date.
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