The kettlebell has been a very useful functional training tool for hundreds of years, made famous by the Russian athletes that were credited with been the strongest and most respected athletes of all time. The history of the kettlebell is however much older than the Russian users and traced back much earlier than this and used by many other cultures.

The Russians pride themselves in being the masters of the kettlebell and even have a unique qualification of practice which is one of the most gruelling and physically challenging courses in fitness history. Now kettlebell is recognised as its own sporting discipline and many athletes use only this method to train.

Kettlebell training is a full body exercises and consists of an almost endless amount of exercises and variations to be used in circuits and interval training. The centre pieces of the style consist of the Swing, Clean and Press, Turkish Get Up, and the Snatch. These three exercises are considered the core of the art and will work every muscle group in the body in a functional manner to produce a level of strength even the highest of athletes would dream of. The original technique for these lifts are designed to strengthen the rear fascia chain of the body which almost all people need to develop due to our modern day lifestyle. The swinging action from the hips uses the body like a hinge that open and closes the rear chain of the upper and lower back, the glutes and the hamstrings. Becoming proficient at these methods will leave you with a solid and unyielding posture that will be able to take any stress it is put under. This will last into later life and prevent postural imbalances, lower back pain and overloading of the front chain. There also the much more modern kettlebell technique variation, this is commonly used by those who practice in clubs such as “crossfit” and has become the norm for many western trainers. In this method a squatting practice is adopted instead of a swing. Although useful for strengthening the lower body and the front chain it leaves the rear postural chain less developed and so less ready for functional activity. Although here at intensity fitness we teach both methods as both have there use and place in the fitness world. The traditional way of practice is taught first so that the correct and original method continues to be passed on the generations. It is also in our opinion important to strengthen the posture before moving onto the second method to prevent injury's from occurring.

Kettlebells can be used to increase strength and power by lifting heavy weights with both the double kettlebell or single kettlebell styles, or for toning and cardio by using a lighter weight for much higher volume of repetitions. Learning the kettlebell techniques will teach you how to perform each exercises correctly and safely, but it will also give you the knowledge you need to create pure kettlebell circuit sessions of your own or even use them with other types of exercises to create a well balanced exercises plan. Kettlebells really is a life skill and will give you everything you could ever need for your future in fitness
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