Personal Training and Development Plan

Putting The Personal Back Into Personal Training!

The Intensity Fitness Centre offers a very Personal way to approaching your training sessions. We understand that it is your body and your training plan. It is easy to forget as a training that its not all about us. This is why we dedicate every inch of the training plan and personal session to you as a unique individual.

At the start of your program we will identify just how is best for you as an individual to train and what works best for your lifestyle, your body type and of course your personality. The most important think to us is that you are getting healthy fit and enjoying yourself at the same time. We understand that everyone has a different preference towards being motivated and we will not use the same method for every client as it is important to make you work hard but at the same time feel comfortable while doing it.

Our plans will include regular fitness testing using our own unique and very accurate total body fitness testing. This will allow you to keep track of you own progress and see where exactly we as a team need to work on to get the best results.
We offer dietary and nutrition add on to give guidance during your development plan if you desire it, and will even give you a personalised macro and micro nutrient guide to help you reach your weight goals. Sessions will include pre and post workout nutrition on site such as protein shakes, pre workout shots, smoothies, and isotonic hydration according to your needs in order to make sure you receive the very best out of your sessions.

Your sessions will be tailor made to suit your goals and required training style, usually one hour in total the session can be split into sections of fitness, flexibility, meditation, martial arts, energy building, power lifting, cardio, kettlebells, bodyweight and many many more aspects. You can even add extra half session in with different aspects if needed. 
Your training will also come with a long term plan to help prepare for specific events and time sensitive goals such as weddings, holidays, runs, lifting events, matches and fitness exams.

Personal training sessions can be taken part in as an individual or if you would prefer as a group with a friend or sporting team mates,

It is a small detail, but our sessions are aimed at your enjoyment and getting the most out of your motivation. Because of this we are more than happy to provide you with your own personal workout playlist to train to. Bring your own music or just give us recommendations. You will be surprised at the difference it makes in your performance.

Remember it is your life and your training is there for you as an individual to help you in your goals in the way that works best for you. The Intensity Fitness Centre is the most Personal Personal Trainer around to day. Book your sessions now and become the best you can be!
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