Power Lifting Coaching

Power lifting is a very important part of all fitness training and is often looked at as to excessive and only used by men who want to become huge in size, this is simply not the case. More and more people of all ages and genders are being encouraged to lift heavy no matter what your ability or fitness goals. The truth is that in a general sense it is the perfect exercise for everybody and will help improve every aspect of fitness.

Lifting heavy uses an maximal external force to be applied through the body in a variety of functional movements, by doing this the force flows through the body and strengthens the weakest parts of your muscle groups in order to be able to take the strain of the lift. In many cases we only ever lift a small percentage of what our body can handle. When this is done it allows us to cheat by lifting in incorrect ways with bad posture. This means that only the strongest muscles work and the weak ones remain undeveloped. Lifting heavy to the point where between one and five reps can only just be completed ensures that enough stress is being put through the body to adjust correct posture and muscle group balance. Because of this every lift will use every muscle and so become a full body exercises. When every muscle in the body is being used we then use a massive amount of energy within the body and creates a very large energy deficit that needs to be replaced. This means that lifting heavy will also burn more calories for a much longer period of time even after training has finished. This can even be up to a 48 hour period. It has been proven my many centres of study that lifting heavy will burn more energy and so help you lose more weight faster then performing high repetition and toning exercises including cardio such as running and rowing.

The question will always remain, especially by women... “but I don't want to get massive muscles” the answer is again proven that you will not get massive muscles. Unlike body building where the muscles are grown by use of an increased blood supply to the muscle fibres through high repetition single muscle lifting. Power lifting uses every muscle for only a few repetitions at a time. This means that yes you will put on muscle but only to the effect of toning like you would be trying to achieve from your regular training. Muscle will be built but only when needed in a functional manner to perform the lift. Excess non useful muscle will not be gained as the body will not support this extra weight through power training alone. This with the fact that 80% of the force given is sent through the core of the person the main muscles to be effected are the lower back and abdominals which we all need to develop. Over time a full balanced muscle formation across the body will develop as the whole body will work together evenly to perform every lift. This means from an aesthetic point of view, the body will be formed in perfect natural balance.

The lifts that will be taught in the couching sessions are the,
Back Squat,
Bench Press.
Clean and Press.

These sessions will teach you how to perform the correct techniques for your own personal physical condition, show you how much you should be lifting and set you goals for the future, give you a plan that can be incorporated into you own existing training and personal timetable.

The sessions will be 45 minutes long and one session will be needed for each of the lifts. Book your course now so you can begin to change your life in a positive way




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