Stretching & Flexibility Development Sessions

Flexibility is a key part of training and is often over looked. At the end of a fitness session we always know we should stretch, but when it comes down to it we are so tired and ready to go home it almost always gets forgotten. It is easy to say I will stretch at home or I will just do a stretching session tomorrow. As we get older we always pay for these sayings and we become stiff and prone to injury. Having good flexibility can prevent issues such as poor circulation, joint and muscle conditions and even reduce stress and over working of the heart and blood pressure. Increasing flexibility can also help sports performance by being able to apply the strength we gain through exercises in a functional and natural manner.

Through training we will always become tight and uneven in the body, no matter how much you try to train every muscle it is almost impossible to create an even balance throughout the body. And even if it were possible the chances are that we would dimply become stiff and lose mobility all over instead of just in a few ranges of movement.  If we view the muscles as types of elastic bands, in order to have full elastic potential we must be equally tight and flexible at the same time to be able to apply mechanical and elastic energy throughout the body. This can only be done by stretching in equal amounts as we strengthen. Unfortunately this is a lot harder than it sounds as whenever we move the body throughout our daily lives we are always strengthening some part of our muscles, often in small ranges of motion over and over again such as walking, sitting incorrectly or carrying bags on our shoulders. This means we need to include stretching into our daily lives more and more.

Taking part in our flexibility class will help you fight the battle against inflexibility. In the sessions we focus on one area of the body that is usually postural related for a series of weeks at a time. This means that that one area gets developed on a substantial level before working on another area of the body. Unlike conventional stretching classes each stretch is held for only a fraction of the time it needs to and the sessions are often filled with as many stretches as possible. This means that the muscles only just begin to relax into the new unused positions before you move on to the next stretch. Sports such as martial arts, dancing and gymnastics has shown us that each stretch must be worked on for a long period of time over and over again to make significant improvement. This is why our sessions contain only a few select stretched per class and each one is held for a period of at least 3 minutes at a time. This allows the stretch reflex to relax and become used to being in these new positions. The most important aspect though is that you are dedicating yourself a set period of time to stretch and work hard at it which most of us would easily shy away from if we were doing the exercises on our own.

Through development of stretching the postural areas in the body it will adjust the way you perform movements and over time balance the flow of force through the body. This is a life skill and something that we should be taught from an early age. Start you climb back to a long and pain free life and prepare for the future.

Join our stretch session now and improve your quality of life

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