Total Body Intensity Sessions

Total Body Intensity is exactly as described. The sessions are a complete fusion between every other type of training we offer in the centre. Using bodyweight, heavy lifting, kettlebells and the special ingredient.
The sessions include every type of fitness known to man, in every possible combination. And work every part of the body in a completely new way every session. Unique exercises that are not included in over sessions are based on non traditional functional training such as tyre flipping, sledgehammer swinging, band pulling, rope climbing, keg carrying and much much more. There really is no end to variation here.

The aim of this session is not to drive you crazy by not knowing what will be waiting for you when you walk through the door, but to keep your body guessing and physically prepared for anything that life has to throw at you. By working in this method your body will have the ability to adapt to any natural movement that comes its way. Imagine moving house. Carrying the shopping. Pushing the car or even a fall. All these things will be less likely to give you injury's as you body has at some point been strengthened to handle the stress of these events. It is no secret that manual labour is the best source of fitness you could ever possibly have. If you work in this style environment you body has to do different tasks every day, putting every muscle under strain that would never be used at the gym. In our modern day lives it is tough to recreate these effects on the body, after all this is what we were built for. By using these sessions you will get fit. Stay motivates and always interested as you very rarely do the same thing in the same way twice.

Sessions can be set up in a variety of ways, some of which include. Interval training of one, two or even five minute rounds. There are also “HIT” sessions were shorter periods of time are used at a high rate but repeated again and again with a recovery period in-between each one. Some times there is a list of exercises and you will have to race against the clock or against a team mate to get through them in the fastest time. Sometimes there is an endless amount of exercises and its a case of how many can you get through before your time runs out. Sometimes you face the challenges as a team and other times as an individual. It is almost impossible to become board of this type of training.

In our centre we believe in this type of session so much that it is our most regular class on the timetable and even hold special women's only sessions, kids group session, sports team sessions, and over 50's sessions.  It is perfect for everyone who wants to train and will help every training goal you have come true
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